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Website Redesign for Saamarthya

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Celebrating Inclusion & Diversity

Saamarthya Foundation is a non-profit organization that works towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Our brief was to rebrand Saamarthya and create a website that highlights their campaigns and services.



Inclusion and diversity are at the forefront of our redesign; we aimed to tell Saamarthya’s story through an engaging experience that celebrates their mission.

The website now features a lively new visual language, expanded functionality, and revamped campaigns and videos.

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1. By visualising it as a space of belonging for people of all abilities

The website was reimagined as a park, a joyful and accepting virtual space where people of all abilities can learn and play, belong and thrive. The illustrations were developed to reference Saamarthya’s signature services and campaigns, and represent the equitable world for which they advocate.


2. By curating a virtual library of inclusive stories for children

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'Storyboat' furthers Saamarthya’s efforts to increase disability representation by curating children's stories that feature characters with disabilities. It was designed to be an engaging and easy way for a child to experience the magic of storytelling at home, particularly during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Click to view the full video and learn about Storyboat's features.

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3. By incorporating information on disabilities and accessibility

Fiery red birds, derived from the Saamarthya logo, can be spotted across the website, offering snippets of information on accessibility and inclusion. While the website houses a Knowledge Bank devoted to detailed articles, this interactive element

was added to enrich even the experience of a visitor who is simply browsing.

A few of the red birds on the homepage

A timeline of Saamarthya's journey, as told by the birds

Explore the website at
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